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Freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior Class Act Directors are responsible for every aspect of their group's performance* - from recruiting participants, coming up with a theme, creating lyrics and costumes, and running rehearsals.

In the Fall, directors will attend weekly meetings taking place on Monday nights at 9pm and consultation meetings that will take place during the week by appointment. Each week, the directors will select different elements of their act including theme, songs, and lyrics. In the Spring, directors will need to attend meetings every week (schedule to be determined).

**Please note . . . Most directors do not arrange (write) the music themselves. Instead, they pay someone else to write it for them. So, don’t let a lack of music arranging ability deter you from interviewing for one of these roles.

New to Sing Song? Check out last year's show here, or visit the Sing Song Archives to see or hear every act since 1957.

If you are interested in directing your Class Act,

Contact Courtney McGaha, Director of Student Productions, at if you have further questions.

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