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Hall Acts are large groups of students (20+) from a dorm or floor that perform a 3-4 minute lip-sync act. This is the primary way that most students participate in Follies.




  • Length:

    • Each act must be at least 3 minutes.

    • Acts cannot exceed 4 minutes in length.


  • Content:

    • All acts must be LIP SYNC ONLY.

    • You CANNOT rewrite the words to existing songs or record yourself singing.

    • Acts must be a medley of a least 2 or more existing songs.

    • Please make sure that music, dancing, etc. are ACU appropriate. The Follies professional staff will screen act contents and ask you to make any changes that we see necessary so please save yourself the trouble.

    • Disney and/or High School Musical Songs and themes are prohibited. These themes and songs are often overused in Follies and may limit your true creativity. 

    • Acts cannot be about RING BY SPRING or MARRIAGE.


  • Costumes: All costumes must meet ACU's dresscode:

    • For all participants

      • Halter‐tops, crop tops/open midriffs, and short and/or revealing skirts and shorts are not permitted.

      • Shoulder straps must be at least 2.5 inches in width.

      • Shoes are required for all participants.

      • Undergarments should not be visible underneath clothing (e.g., bras, boxers).

    • For women

      • All shorts shorter than fingertip length + 2 inches must be worn with leggings or tights.

      • All skirts shorter than knee length + 2 inches must be worn with leggings or tights.

      • Leggings and tights cannot be worn as pants (i.e., shorts are required over leggings/tights).

      • Tops cannot be excessively tight-fitting.

    • For men

      • Shorts/skirts cannot be shorter than fingertip length + 2 inches.

      • Shorts, pants, or bottoms cannot be excessively tight-fitting.



  • Size:

    • There must be at least 20 people in each hall act and up to 45.

    • If there are less than 20, acts may be asked to combine.

      • For example “Mabee 1st North and 3rd North,” or “Nelson 1st West and Nelson 2nd floor."

    • If there are more than 45, you will be asked to split into two acts.


  • Number of Hall Act Leaders:

    • You are welcome to have multiple leaders working together on one act but please stay in communication with each other and designate one as your “communication person” with the Leadership Team



  • Waivers

    • All participants need to sign a waiver before the week of the show. The waiver can be found HERE.


  • Communication Expectations

    • Follies is FAST! As a director, you need to check your emails so you are always in the loop regarding dates and times, and can keep your act in the loop as well.


  • Information Deadline

    • A list of all songs, names of participants (name and banner ID), and production (sound/light/staging) needs must be submitted as the SDs and Leadership inform you. They will contact you with specific ways to submit this information as the deadline approaches.



If you want to participate in a Hall Act, you are encouraged to attend the Follies Launch Party on Thursday (9/1) from 9pm – 9:30pm in Boone Family Theater.


After the Launch Party, Hall Acts will start to form.  Talk with your RA to see if an act is forming on your hall. Or, check out this link to find groups that have already formed (


Want to lead a Hall Act?

1) Only those who attend the Follies Launch Party on Follies Launch Party on Thursday (9/1) from 9pm – 9:30pm in Boone Family Theater are eligible to lead a Hall Act.

2) Talk with your RA. They will help you get connected with other people on your hall who may want to help you lead an act.


3) Register to become an official act at this link:




Contact Rivers Rich, Hall Acts Student Director, at if you have further questions.

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